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     Welcome to my Wildfowl & Songbird carving site. I began carving birds about thirty five years ago. I am self taught, learning with each and every carving I do, trying to be as accurate in size and color of each species that I carve. I carved birds for about ten years before seeing a carving book. After I ordered some books by carvers like Ernest Muehlmatt, Floyd Scholz and Rosalyn Daisey I was hooked. This is a hobby that has turned into a passion, or a hobby that's gotten out of control. 
 I feel that GOD has blessed me and is guiding my hands and eyes in each carving that I do, being able to take a block of wood and a knife and finding an animal or bird hidden in a piece of wood keeps me motivated, being able to share my art with others is my reward. Each carving is one of a kind, carved from Tupelo or Basswood both hardwoods that hold detail well. Carvings are painted with acrylic paints added layer by layer in very thin washes.                                                I  was born and raised in the small town of Nitro, W.Va. After high school I went to work in the local chemical plants. After forty two years I retired in 2005 and now spend most of my time carving or playing Bluegrass music. Growing up in West Virginia I have been surronded by nature and wildlife. I was always out hunting or fishing or just hiking in the woods enjoying the beauty of W.Va. My father gave me a pocket knife when I was very young and I was always carving on something. I now make  my home in Teays Valley, W. Va. with my wife Karen Hanna Adkins. My carvings are in collections in France, England, Japan, Canada and in collections across the U.S.A.                                                                   I sell my carvings thru the internet and at Tamarack , located in Beckly W. Va. ( Tamarack, The Best of West Virginia is the nation’s first showcase of handcrafts, fine art and regional cuisine. )                         I hope you enjoy viewing these carvings as much as I enjoy carving them.